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It is important that you first read this document in full before you proceed to purchase any products from us. You understand that this is a legally binding agreement, so it is important that you are familiar with all the terms and are happy with them before proceeding.

If you have any questions that you require clarification on, please email us at, and we will be glad to answer your questions.


Who we are

Alpha Raptors is a legally formed company in England and Wales with registration number 10929555 and email address

In these terms and conditions, we will be referred to as “the company”, “us”, “we”, or “the supplier”. We will use these terms interchangeably.



These terms and conditions are applicable to the purchase of the products sold by us to you (the customer, the buyer, or you). These terms govern the conditions governing how we sell products to you, and you are accepting to be legally bound by these terms and conditions when you place an order on our website. We will prompt you to click on an “I Accept” button to signify your acceptance of these terms and conditions. Failure to click on the button means that you will be unable to complete your order.

You must be at least 18 years old to be eligible to use this website and to procure products from us. Do not use this website if you are younger than 18.

Another eligibility criterion you must meet is that you must provide a valid membership number from The United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association (UKARA) if you purchase a Realistic Imitation Firearm (RIF).



In these terms, the following words shall have the following meaning:

Consumer: This shall mean a person entering into this agreement for reasons that are different from his or her profession, craft business, or trade;

Contract: This shall be defined to mean a legally-binding contract between Alpha Raptors and you for the supply of the products;

Delivery location: This shall mean the location where the products are to be delivered, as outlined in the order;

Durable medium: This shall be defined to mean email, paper, or any other format through which information may be personally addressed to the recipient, as well as that allows the recipient to store and keep the information as a point of future reference for a period long enough for the reasons  it was initially stored, and that allows the stored information to be reproduced without being changed;

Product: This shall mean the items that we advertise on the website and that we make available to you in accordance with the description and number set out in the order;

Order: This shall mean the order placed by any customer for products from us;

Website: This shall mean our website on which the products are advertised.

Privacy policy: This means the terms setting out our process for using, storing, and sharing customers’ personal and confidential information received through the website.



We have done our best to describe products as accurately as possible on the website and in brochures, catalogues, and other advertisement avenues. You, however, understand and accept that descriptions are for illustrative reasons only. There may be few discrepancies in the colour, size and power of the products supplied.

All products appearing on the website are subject to availability.

Where you are ordering any product as per any special requirement, you must ensure that all specifications or information you provide is precise.

You accept that we will make changes to products as required in compliance with any relevant safety or law requirement, but will make sure that we advise you of such changes.


Personal information

To use our website to procure our products, you will be required to register a username and choose a corresponding password. You will be fully responsible for all the activities that transpire under your username and are advised to never share your login details with a third party.

You accept that we may store and use your personal information as per our privacy policy. We may also contact you through pre-paid post, email, or through any other electronic means of communication.


Terms of sales

You understand that the placement of an order by you does not automatically bind us to fulfill that order. We have the right to reject any order for any reason without notice to you.

You must follow the order procedure as shown on our website. You have the opportunity to revise and correct any mistakes before you submit your final order. It is important that you follow the ordering procedure accurately.

You may only deem a contract to have been formed between you and us for the sale of products when we send you an email that has confirmed that order. When you place an order, you are giving us the authority to confirm the order to you by email. We will do our best to send you the order confirmation as soon as possible after entering into the agreement, but in any event, not longer than the delivery of any products to be supplied under the agreement.

You have the responsibility of ensuring that the order confirmation is accurate and complete and of informing us where there is any error. We will not be responsible for any mistakes in any order that you place.

Except we have expressly withdrawn it at an earlier time, all quotations are binding for a maximum period of 24 hours from the time it is sent to you.

Any disparity of this contract can only be made if it has been agreed upon by you and us in writing.

We have designed these terms and conditions to apply to a consumer. If you are representing a business and entering into this contract on behalf of that business, we ask that you inform us so that the supplier can construct a different agreement with terms more suitable for a business.


Price and payment

The price of the products plus all extra charges for delivery and other charges shall be set out on the website on the order date.

All prices and charges are inclusive of VAT.

You may make payment for the product using a valid debit or credit card. We must receive your payment before we deliver the products to you.



We will do our best to deliver ordered products at the designated delivery location within the agreed timelines or failing an agreement, not more than thirty days after the commencement of the agreement.

In any case, notwithstanding any events that we cannot control, you may treat the agreement at an end (in addition to other remedies) where we neglect to deliver the product on time after you have specified to us that on-time delivery is essential; where we expressly refuse to deliver the products; and/or where we delay delivering at a later agreed-upon delivery date following our first failure to deliver.

In any of the aforementioned cases, and you choose to treat the agreement at an end, the supplier will promptly refund all payments made under the agreement in addition to other remedies.

Where you are allowed to treat the agreement at an end but opt not to do so, you may still cancel the order or reject the products delivered. If you take such action, we will promptly refund all payments received by us under the agreement. Where the products are delivered to you already, you are to return them to us immediately or ask us to come and collect them.

You must reject or cancel the order for all components of a commercial item in the event that you want to reject or cancel the order for one product that forms part of a commercial item. For definition purposes, a commercial item is a product whose division would have a material impairment on the value of the character or the products of the unit.

We deliver primarily to addresses within England and Wales, Scotland, Channels Islands, the Isle of Man, and Northern Ireland. You may be liable for import charges or other taxes where we accept an order for delivery outside of our primary delivery jurisdiction.

Where we experience a scarcity of stock or for any other fair and genuine reason, you accept that we may deliver your ordered products in installments, provided you are not responsible for extra charges and subject to the above conditions.

Where you or your designated collector fails to accept delivery of your products at the agreed-upon time and location, we may charge you extra costs for storing and delivering such products at a later date.

It is important that you examine the products before you accept them, as we will not be responsible for any products that have been delivered and accepted.


Title and risk

The title to products shall remain ours until we have gotten full payment from you for such products. If steps are taken towards bankruptcy by you or the total payment is overdue, we may opt to withdraw any delivery and stop your right to utilize the products still in your possession. You must return such products or permit us to retrieve them. The title to and risk to all products shall pass to you upon delivery of the products to you.


Withdrawal, returns, and cancellation

We allow customers to withdraw their orders by informing us before we draw up a contract. If you do this, you will incur no liability. You accept that this is a distance contract that has certain cancelation rights. The cancelation rights, however, will not apply if the products are custom-made for you, including spray painting a Realistic Imitation Firearms; and/or if the products become inseparably mixed with other goods after delivery (due to their nature).

Cancelation rights expire after fourteen days after your physical acquisition of the product or the last batch of the products. Where there is a contract to supply products over time, the right to cancel will expire fourteen days after the first delivery.

To cancel your order, you must send us a clear statement of your decision. You have the choice of using our model cancelation form, or you may write your own cancelation letter and send to us by email, fax, or post. If you use our model cancelation form, we will inform you of our receipt of the cancellation notice in a durable medium.

All cancellation notices sent after the cancellation deadline will not be honoured.

For all valid cancelation notices, we will refund all payments to you, including delivery costs less all added costs if you had chosen a delivery type more expensive than the standard delivery offered by us.

Please note that a distance contract is an agreement concluded between a buyer and a seller without the concurrent physical presence of the seller and the buyer, executed under a service-provision arrangement or an organized distance sales with the exclusive use of one or more means of distance communication up to and counting the time at which the contract is concluded.

A sales contract means an agreement under which a seller transfers or accepts to transfer the title of items to a buyer, and the buyer pays or accepts to make payment for it, whether the item is a service or a physical good.



If there is any loss suffered as a result of you unnecessarily handling products beyond what is needed to establish the nature, functioning, and characteristics of the products and that goes beyond what might be reasonably allowed in a shop, we may deduct from the refund owed you in a valid cancellation notice.


Refund timing

We will give you a refund if we have not offered to collect the products, without unnecessary delay, and not more than fourteen days after receiving back any products supplied to you, or if earlier, fourteen days after you have provided us with proof of sending back the products.

If no products were supplied or if we have offered to collect the products, we will make the refund without unjustifiable delay no more than fourteen days after you informed us of your decision to cancel this agreement.

Refunds will be made via the same payment method that used for your payment.


Returning products

You must, without delay and in any event, not more than fourteen days after informing us of your intention to cancel this contract, send products back to us or hand them over to us if you have already received the products in connection with the contract.

The deadline shall be deemed to have been met if you send the products back before the fourteen days are up. You consent to bear the cost of returning the products.

Upon return, we will use our discretion to classify products, and any product classified as unwanted will attract a fixed fee of 10 percent. Return postage will be borne by you in such a case.



Upon delivery, the products will be of acceptable quality, must conform to their description, and be realistically fit for any specific reason for which you have bought the products, which you must have made known to us before the contract is made.



The company will immediately, or within a sensible timeframe, avail you of the free guarantee given by the manufacturer of the products. Details of the guarantee, which includes the manufacturer’s name and address, the territorial scope and duration of the guarantee, are spelled out in the manufacturer-provided guarantee that comes with the products.

All guarantees will become effective immediately after the products are delivered and will not have any effect on your legal rights.


Successors and sub-contractors

Both the company and the customer have the right to transfer this agreement to another party, and the other party will remain liable to the new successor for the performance of the duties under the agreement. The supplier will be responsible for the actions of any sub-contractors chosen to help perform its obligations.


Force majeure

Where any of the parties is unable to fulfil their obligation under this contract for reasons beyond that party’s control, such a party will inform the second party as quickly as is reasonably possible; and the party’s duties will be deferred as far as is sensible, provided that the party will take judicious action.

In such a case, the party will not be held responsible for any failure that could not have been reasonably avoided. However, this will not have any effect on the customer’s rights as per cancelation and delivery.


Excluded liability

The company does not exclude liability under the following circumstances:

Any untrue omission or act; or

For personal injury or death resulting from neglect or a breach of the company’s other legal duties.

Subject to the above, we will not be liable for:

Any loss which was not realistically anticipatable to both supplier and consumer at the time the agreement was entered into; or

Loss to the customer’s profession, craft, trade, or business because the company believes the customer has not purchased the products for its profession, craft, trade or business.


Complaints and jurisdictional law

This agreement is interpreted under the laws of England and Wales. This shall include any non-contractual issues.

Disputes will be handled exclusively under the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. Disputes can also be handled under the jurisdiction of courts in Northern Ireland or Scotland where the Customer lives in Northern Ireland or Scotland.

We, however, do our best to resolve any dispute with customers as soon as possible and will work to find a solution to a customer complaint within 48 hours of being contacted by such a customer.



Unless otherwise stated, all products supplied by Alpha Raptors carry a one-month warranty, beginning on the date of delivery. This warranty covers the repair or replacement of damaged or defective products only as determined by our engineer.

Where your products become faulty and need to be sent back to you, you must pay for all applicable return postage costs. Please email us for further assistance.

All warranties become null if the products are modified, disassembled, damaged, altered, or abused in any way.

All warranties also become null, and we will not offer any exchange or refunds on products that have been personalized to order; that have been custom-built for you or spray painted to change the original colour.

Chargers and batteries that come with electric rifles shall be considered for testing purposes only, and this warranty does not cover chargers and batteries.

All Airsoft guns supplied by Alpha Raptors will need you to use high-grade Airsoft BBs, and the usage of any lower weight or lower grade BBs will cause far-reaching impairment to your gun and will nullify this warranty immediately. Alpha Raptors advises that you use premium brands that are 0.2 g or higher.



You must be 18 years old and provide us with evidence of your defense as a registered re-enactor/skirmisher before you can purchase precise products from this website.

It is also required for all customers to be duly registered with The United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association (UKARA) and provide us with a current membership number before they are allowed to purchase products from our website, in line with all legal requirements relating to the sale of Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIFs).


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