CCCP/Snow Wolf Concept Assault Rifle AEG (With Digital Display) (Limited Edition)


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In the 24th Century, the MA5 is the standard issue service rifle of the UNSC Marine Corps. It quickly became known as the Halo Rifle, after the encounter with Covenant at the forerunner structure known as the Halo. In the hands of its most famous user, Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 who was part of the SPARTAN-II super soldier programme, and his A.I Cortana, the MA5 helped in stopping the Halo super-weapons from firing, beat back the Covenant forces and the Flood in the Battle for Earth and finally stop the Didact and the Promethean threat on Requiem.
The Airsoft MA5 is an incredibly well built and heavy bullpup airsoft rifle that comes with a digital ammo counter, Set at 95 rounds, as each round is fired, the counter will count down to zero, at which point you have to perform a magazine reload, just like in the game. The gun also comes with green LED highlights and a high capacity magazine. The high capacity magazine fits in the front of the hand guard, while the rear magazine well is where your rechargeable battery fits.


–          High capacity Magazine

–          Length: 600mm open

–          Weight:  4.5kg

–          Digital Ammunition Counter (95 rounds)

–          Automatic Stop to reload function

–          Fires Semi and Fully Automatic (Digital fire selector)

–          Metal chassis/ Polymer body

–          Requires additional PP3 – 9V battery for electronics

–          Green LED highlights

–          Integrated hand guard torch (requires 1 x AAA battery)

–          Quick release battery compartment


brand Snow Wolf
fps 350
1:1 SCALE yes
fire mode Safe/Single/Auto

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Black, Black/Blue


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