Arrow Dynamics RPG-7 Rocket Launcher (40mm – Faux Wood)


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Arrow Dynamics RPG-7 Rocket Launcher (40mm – Faux Wood)

Developed in the former Soviet Union as the origin of the disposable Krupp recoilless artillery “ Pantzerfaust 250 ” used by the German army during World War II, it became the best seller as a light anti-tank firearm that can be carried by infantry lightly (RPG- 7 ”. As an anti-tank firearm, it is still widely used in military / armed organizations around the world due to its high reliability, low operational cost, and high versatility to shoot various warheads. The weapon is so popular that there is no place in the conflict zone where you can’t see it.

 This RPG-7 is upgraded as a gas-type grenade launcher using a 40mm grenade cart! Adopting a metal body that is particular about detail and weight, the heat shield, which is actually wooden, prints the grain of the resin parts with hydraulic transfer, realizing a realistic appearance while suppressing the price!

Grenade shooting is a two-way method, and you can choose between two methods: loading the cart on a plastic dummy warhead and removing the warhead and loading the cart directly on the launcher tube.

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